Afie - 61 & 94 is love - chanhun & taohun is my priority- exo give me headache since 2012 -

Neck appreciation

Victim : Tao
Chanyeol : “Let’s strip him”
Sehun : “My pleasure”

When chanbaek and kaisoo saw hunhan “Oh god what are they doing????”

"Kai how long do i need to wait?"

"Kai how long do i need to wait?"

"Let’s stay away from each other for 5 seconds"

"I can’t

"Hun ah Do you want to listen this with me?"

Nothing surprise with this anymore but still it gives pain~~~~

Kai took his selca instead of chanyeol….

I knew it~~kim kai~~

Tao and his 92’s line hyung.
“Hyung love you”

chanhun’s different poses + getting embarrassed after 

cuti kuma couple i love them so much

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